Viniloversus Releases Live Protest Video, ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY,’ Filmed in Caracas, Venezuela

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VINILOVERSUS is releasing the official video for their new single “Show Me The Money”, a live performance in Caracas, Venezuela. The band visited their hometown as part of the promotional tour for Days Of Exile, their most recent album, and gave an explosive performance at a public square in the country’s capital, Caracas in protest of human rights violations in the country. The quintet is known for their powerful live performances, appreciable in the videoclip.

“We recorded the video during the “Your Voice Is Your Power Concert” (Concierto Tu Voz Es Tu Poder) organized by Un Mundo Sin Mordaza, a Venezuelan Human Rights Defender NGO. We wanted to capture the essence of the scene we grew up in as a band and what is has become over the years. It’s probably the 4th or 5th year we’ve played this concert and we’re committed to Un Mundo Sin Mordaza ’s work. It’s an uncensored protest for the situation Venezuela is currently going through,” said Adrian Salas, bass player for VINILOVERSUS.




“Show Me The Money” was co-written by all of VINILOVERSUS’ members and proposes a heavier and more potent sound, compared to most of the tracks from their new album “Days of Exile.”

“Show Me The Money is a transition from our earlier work to where we are with Days Of Exile. We wanted to share some of heavier sound within the new universe we created because the song is about a subject that is very heavy which is the corruptive power of money in the society in which we have lived. This album is a testimony of what we’ve gone through. As well as millions of fellow Venezuelans, we were forced to migrate from our country,” explained Rodrigo Gonsalves, guitar player and lead singer for the band.

The video is available on their YouTube Channel and in their website


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