Natalia Lafourcade to Release ‘Musas’ on May 5

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Critically acclaimed Mexican artist Natalia Lafourcade is set to release her new album ‘Musas‘ this Friday, May 5. It features the acoustic guitar duo Los Macorinos (Juan Carlos Allende y Miguel Peña), a frequent collaborator with Chavela Vargas. The album is a homage to the greats of Latin music, artists such as Agustin Lara, Margarita Lecuona and Roberto Cantoral.


Lead single “Tu Si Sabes Quererme” already has more than 20 million Spotify streams. “This song is a tribute to well-matched love, courageous love that fills us with bliss and well-being,” Lafourcade says. “The love that illuminates us and makes us better people. That love which is very hard to find but when it is found, it should be cared for and protected. That is what is needed today. To accept love, open our hearts, to say – yes, I accept loving you, and the courage to ask for love and to let ourselves be loved. To give and to receive.”


The new album is a homage to the greats of Latin music, artists such as Agustin Lara, Violeta Parra, Margarita Lecuona and Roberto Cantoral. ‘Musas‘ follows Lafourcade’s breakthrough album ‘Hasta La Raiz‘ which The New York Times praised for its “sophistication behind the charm.” In addition to winning a GRAMMY in 2016, Lafourcade also led all Latin GRAMMY 2015 winners with 5 awards for ‘Hasta La Raiz’ including “Song Of The Year”, “Recording Of The Year”, “Best Alternative Music Album”, “Best Alternative Song” and “Best Engineered Album.”

After ‘Hasta La Raiz,’ I became more conscious of the need to explore our past and our essence through the songs and stories that are proudly hidden between words, chords and melodies,” Lafourcade says. “‘Musas’ is a record we made with the purpose of recovering hidden and forgotten treasures. It is an homage to Latin American folklore in the hands of Los Macorinos.”

1. Tú Sí Sabes Quererme
2. Soledad Y El Mar
3. Mexicana Hermosa
4. Qué He Sacado Con Quererte
5. Rocío De Todos Los Campos
6. Mi Tierra Veracruzana
7. Te Vi Pasar
8. Son Amores (That’s Amore)
9. Tú Me Acostumbraste (Featuring Omara Portuondo)
10. Soy Lo Prohibido
11. Tonada De Luna Llena
12. Vals Poético (Instrumental)

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