Meet Cecilia Aldarondo, the Filmmaker Behind ‘LANDFALL’

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Cecilia Aldarondo is a visual poet and a multi-dimensional being with artistry for explaining the complex in simple terms. She is sophisticated and yet earth. And I love how she commands the written word like a master basket weaver.

What goes in a basket? It depends right on who fills it up. Cecilia fills her baskets with awareness, consideration, convictions, details, foresight, grief, horizons, ideals, love, moments, songs, tears, truth.

When you watch Memories of a Penitent Heart, you’ll see what I mean.

And then, the killer for me, what brings tears to my eyes is her cadence, a rhythm where the souls of the words have enough time to enter the frame. She has a pace all of her own and weaves the story slowly like a true master, because she creates to hold us.

LANDFALL is deep. Painful. Beautiful. It’s an acknowledgment of the trauma Hurricane Maria brought to all puertorriqueños. And at the same time, a cautionary tale about what might just happen to the world when disaster hits. In a sense, it’s happening already as we see the pandemic ravaging society and yet filling up the pockets of a few mighty, rich, and powerful. There is a lot in our talk, and I urge you to listen to Cecilia explain in her own words the journey to the creation of this important film.

LANDFALL Premieres virtually next Saturday 25 JULY (Constitution Day of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico—fancy that) thanks to the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, Third Horizon Film Festival, AdocPR, and Philly Boricuas.


7:00 p.m. (EST) – LANDFALL Screening
8:30 p.m. (EST) – Q&A with filmmakers and protagonists moderated by Raquel Salas Rivera
9:30 p.m. (EST) – Online afterparty with Toca Lale


The conversation will be fully bilingual with live translation in Spanish and English by Babilla Collective.

Streaming link will be live on PHLAFF.ORG AND THIRDHORIZONMEDIA.COM

Q&A and After Party will also be streamed on PHLAFF’s Facebook Live.

Also, Cecilia and Lale Narrow, their LANDFALL film partner, will be on AdocPR on 23 July 5:00 p.m. (EST) via AdocPR Facebook Live.

Follow LANDFALL on Instagram at @landfallfilm and on Facebook at Landfall Documentary.

+ This interview was recorded over video zoom, soon online, and LANDFALL, per Lale, is about allowing us to cry about what hurts. The explanation is in the talk. There is bravery in going down to the depths of pain to catch the push for up. I’ve been there. Several times. I’m sure many of you have also. In honor of feeling who is better than Carla Morrison –  Déjenme Llorar. There’s a lot going on for all of us. All of us. All of us.

Love earth.

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