Episode 26 – Value and Change

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Hector chats with Frances Negrón-Muntaner, the distinguished Puerto Rican filmmaker, scholar and professor at Columbia University, where she is the founding director of the Media and Idea Lab. Topics include: aging in prison, her recent Valor y Cambio project in Puerto Rico, community currency, storytelling, AIDS, activism, Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rico’s status question, and Arturo Schomburg.

Prof. Negrón-Muntaner has edited and authored several books, including Puerto Rico Jam: Rethinking Colonialism and Nationalism and Boricua Pop: Puerto Ricans and the Latinization of American Culture. Her films include Bricando el charco: Portrait of a Puerto Rican, War for Guam, Small City, Big Change, and Life Outside.

For more information on Valor y Cambio, visit valorycambio.org. You can also visit her personal site, francesnegronmuntaner.com, or follow her on Twitter at @imfrancesnegron.

Hector is the editor and publisher of Enclave. A Chicago writer now floating on the edge of Las Vegas, he is the former deputy editor for Latino Rebels, as well as the former managing editor for Gozamos, a Latino "artivist" site based in his home town. He has contributed to RedEye, a Chicago daily geared toward millennials, and La Respuesta, a New York-based site for the Puerto Rican Diaspora, plus a number of publications, including the Huffington Post. He studied history at the University of Illinois-Chicago, where his focus was on ethnic relations in the United States.

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